▸Freelance voice over in spanish (castillan) and galician

Hi! I'm Joaquín Cabaleiro, freelance voice over in spanish (castillan) and galician. I like to have a close and professional treatment. I send the voiceovers in 24 hours, in the format you want and ready to publish.

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Ready to publish

You will receive your voiceover edited and mastered for the broadcast medium of your project (Radio, TV or Internet). I can also mix it with your music or with one of the music from the banks I work with.

Professional quality

I work in my Home studio with equipment from renowned brands such as Rode, Audient or Fabfilter.

Audio production

If you want I can take care of the production of your project. A professional audio production makes your project look much better and attract more attention.

H i r i n g p r o c e s s i n 3 s t e p s

Send me the script, number of words or duration of your project and I will quickly send you a personalized quote.

After approving the budget, I will send you a small fragment of the recording so that you can verify that the tone and rhythm are correct.

Receive the final recording in 24 hours via e-mail or wetransfer, edited, in the format you want and ready to publish.

Joaquín Cabaleiro, Freelance voice over in spanish and galician.

Email address:locutor@joaquincabaleiro.com