Most of the professional voice over artists keep in mind different parameters to make our rates:

  • Duration of the voiceover project (minutes or words)

  • Type of speech (radio spot, television spot, corporate video, training, etc.)

  • Scope of the project (internal videos, local, national, internet, sales, etc.)

  • And others, such as: lip sync, cutting files, etc.

You can see below a table of prices that vary according to these parameters.

PS: Each project is unique and there are usually special considerations to take into account. If you think this is your case, contact me for a personalized quote.

Prices include

  • Script review

  • Script recording time

  • Professional recording studio

  • Editing and post-production of the voice over

  • Full buyout (Except TV & Radio)

  • Modifications in the voice-over whenever the client deems it necessary, except text rectifications (cost of rectifications: € 25 + fee per word or minute).







* Local = Broadcasting in 3 or more cities will be considered regional broadcast.

* Regional = Broadcasting in 3 or more autonomous communities will be considered national broadcasting.

* Exploitation rights valid for 1 year.

* If it is exploited between 12 and 24 months after the date of transfer of rights, thevoice over must be notified, who will invoice 50% of the agreed rate.

* If it is exploited after 24 months from the date of transfer, it must be communicated to the voice over, who will bill 35% of the agreed rate per year of use.

Voice messages - Public address systems - Telephone switchboards

* If a message exceeds 100 words it will be counted as a new message.

* Edit and cut messages including up to 20 files.